Edward Bond is a UK advisory business devoted to helping individuals with their financial planning. We pride ourselves on service and aim to be recognised as one of the very best advisory businesses in the industry. We believe in face to face service and have a large team of Advisers spread across the UK, to ensure this personal service is delivered in practice. Wherever you are, we will look to provide a local Adviser. You can call us and we will select an Adviser to contact you at your convenience.


We always aim to meet or improve on the highest professional standards and you will always benefit from our services as our advisers are all qualified and kept up to date through a comprehensive training and competence scheme. This ensures that technical developments and changes in the marketplace, as well as servicing issues and technology improvements are communicated to our advisers so they can provide the best possible service to all our clients. Edward Bond is also large enough to provide scale benefits. This means that preferential terms may be available from time to time that are not available through other advisers or direct to consumers. For example, we are the recommended advisory business to have the best financial advisers to provide professional service within the UK.


Our Senior Management Team has an average of over 25 years’ experience in the industry. So, in addition to the skills and competency of our Advisers, you can rest assured that our company has the depth of experience and knowledge to provide our services for the long term. We pride ourselves on providing ongoing service and always aim to maintain long term relationships with our clients. This commitment provides the security and continuity needed to help our clients set and review plans with confidence.


To ensure that we can meet our client promise now and into the future, we recognise the need for and have the strength in depth to meet the financial and resourcing challenges that can hit any business. We operate with no debt, own our head offices and also have the support of one of the UK’s biggest Financial Advisory Networks – Intrinsic Financial Services. Intrinsic Financial Services was established in 2005 by Lord Leitch and has the backing of Friends Provident (a major financial service provider and FTSE100 company), HBoS (one of the UK’s largest mortgage and savings providers) and Sanlam (an international financial services company). And, with over 1500 Advisers in the Network, strength and scale is a positive advantage for Edward Bond. Our membership of Intrinsic provides a wide range of client benefits, including cost efficiency through the centralisation of resources, which avoids duplication.


In addition to our client promise, we are committed to high ethical standards and maintain an ethos for our business which places fair treatment for all our advisers and staff at its core. We aim to provide the best possible working environment and conditions. Edward Bond also seeks to align excellent client service with the remuneration and rewards provided to Advisers. This is demonstrated by the fact that all Advisers participate in a share ownership scheme which places the long term interests of each individual Adviser with those of the business.